Matís projects

Here you will find various projects that Matis is a part of.

REM – Remote Electronic Monitoring in fisheries

Strict rules on fishing gear, area closures, registration of catches and management of bycatch are an important feature of a modern fisheries management systems. The objective of fisheries control, inspection and enforcement is to ensure that all fishing activities are carried out in accordance with relevant fisheries management rules. The effectiveness of fisheries control, inspection and enforcement is therefore of vital importance.


Coastal Fisheries in the North-Atlantic

A team of stakeholders in the N-Atlantic coastal fisheries sector came together in 2014 to facilitate networking within this important sector. With support from NORA, AG-fisk and the Canadian centre for fisheries innovation they organised conferences and workshops with the aim to explore opportunities for cooperation and knowledge transfer.

Welcome to Coastal Fisheries

The Nordic Flatfish Project

The Nordic Flatfish project is funded by AG-fisk of the Nordic Council of Ministers. The project partners include research and industry representatives from four Nordic countries (Iceland, Denmark, Greenland and Norway), as well as from three countries (Netherland, UK and France) that are important stakeholders in the Nordic flatfish value chains.

The Nordic Flatfish Project